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Lies In Front of Flags

Updated: Jan 2, 2023


I had dreams I had high hopes.

Extremes I see in the scopes.

Long ropes, and slippery slopes.

Place shackles on their ankles;

As the jackals lie and dissemble,


Build the wall, build them thick.

Terror-filled will them quick.

What's on your mind?


Jest a must sell poetry lines you carry.

Just a vine rhyme in the convention?


At the best of times worst aspersions.

Verse mistimed; the rhythm lies sublime.

Hunger only for a world of truth.

Monger longer, your lonely soul uncouth.

Back to save Larry in a mighty hurry.

"Then came a once

In a hundred years pandemic;

It was awful!

Health and economics

Impacts were tragic.

Hardship and heartbreaks were everywhere.


presidential leadership came;

Swiftly and effectively with extraordinary

Rescue for health and safety

To successfully fight the corona-virus". ???


I had dreams I had high hopes.

Blasphemes I see in the scopes.

Trust them no more,

these falsehoods,

Lies tendered in front of flags of statehood.

Blizzard of lies beat the Washington Wizards.

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