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Unique Words

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Word = Meaning

Abiosis = A nonviable state

Abscond = Escape, leave quickly, ovoid prosecution

Adroitly = Skillfully using the hand

Aficionado = Fan, follower, liking for

Aforetime = In the past

Aggregated = Counted

Alkaloid = Nicotine, cocaine, morphine

Alternate truthers = Liars

Amorphous = Ill defined; Shapeless

Anon = Once

Apple = Distraction, temptation

Arian = Belief in superiority (believer in Arianism)

Arian heresy = A nontrinitarian Christological doctrine

Aspersions = Unfavorable remark

Asseverate = Declare emphatically

Ativan = Lorazepam - produce narcotic effects

Atropine =A poisonous, bitter, crystalline alkaloid

Back-slap =Congratulate effusive goodwill

Backslides =Revert to sin, wrongdoing

Bane = Ruin, destruction

Beggared = Impoverish

Bemused = Bewilder; confuse

Benzos = Benzodiazepine - opioids abuse

Bestrew = Scattered, lie scattered over 

Betide = Describe, happen

Blackguardly = lacking principles or scruples; "the rascally rabble"

Blizzard = A violent storm

Bother = Agitate or nervous; fluster

Braggadocio = Boastful and arrogant behavior

Bravado = A pretense; a false show of bravery

Brusque = Discourteously blunt, abrupt

Bullyrag = Intimidate

Burgeon = Grown stronger

Burlesque = Well built, striptease

Canker = Damaged tissue

Caprice = Moody, Inexplicable behavior

Christo-centric = Teachings of Jesus Christ

Chordates = Having a heart-shaped outline

Ciphers = Nobody

Circuit Riders = Clergy strapping guns to kill - Police

Clique = An exclusive group

Cloak = A loose outer garment, such as a cape.

Cognation = Kinship, family, relatives

Contemptuous = Scornful

Corporeal morbid = Spiritually sick, dead without a soul

Cull = Pick or choose, catch, select

Cultural Relativism = Claims of superior cultural and moral value

Digress =To turn aside from the main subject

Depraved = Perverted

Dingbat = A stupid or eccentric empty-headed person

Dirge = Requiem, lament

Dole = Give out, distribute

Donned = Turned on

Doyen = Group leader

Ebony = Most highly prized black

Elective = Choice, optional, selection by vote

Ensorcelled = Attacked, overpowered

Enthrall = Hold captive

Expositors = Explainers of complicated ideas

Faddishly = Fussy person, fashion; fiddle-faddle

Fallacies = Unsound arguments

Faux Pas = Embarrassment, improper

Fawner = Excessive display of flattery or affection

First Cause = God Almighty

Foment = Instigate

Forlorn = Unhappiness

Franker = Clearly manifest evidence

Fudge = Spin, cover-up

Ghoul = Delights in revolting, morbid, or loathsome

Girth = The saddle on my back

Grifting = Swindling

Guile = Cunning

Gull = Trick

Harlequin = A clown; a buffoon

Harrow = Torment, plow, rake, turn over land

Hoity-toity = Pretentiously self-important; pompous

Hooch = Alcoholic liquor

Hordes = Mobs

Horseshoe crab = A marine and brackish water arthropod

Hutzpah = Mightily

Huzzah = cheer; express joy and triumph

Ignoble = Contemptible, dishonorable

Incongruous = Use other means

Iniquitous = grossly unfair and morally wrong

James Ryder Randall = Poet/Author of Maryland my Maryland

Jaundice = Yellowing looking, diseased

Jest = Frivolous, ridicule

Karen = Obnoxious middle-aged white women

Lamina = Skin

Lamina anon shone = My skin once shone

Lampooned = Caricature

Maggot = Dead and decaying, despicable

Maggoty = Angry, bad-tempered.

Make prey = Destroy, consume

Malformed = Unsafe, abnormal

Melancholy = Sadness, depression, gloom

Meth = Rapid irregular heartbeat, delirium, panic

Mime = Action without words

Monger = Promotes undesirable or discreditable

Motley = Many races of people

Multiloquous = Excessively talkative

Nebulous = Vague, unclear

Necrosis = Death of body parts via injury or disease

Negator = Make ineffective or invalid; nullify

Nibble = Take away, learn in small measures

Nubian = African blackness

Nugatory = Worthless, invalid

Opining = To express an opinion

Otiosity = Leisured, idle, inactive, unoccupied

Pandemonium = Wild uproar

Papyrus = A document written on a material

Paucity = No room, inadequate space

Pauperized = Made very poor

Piqued = Vexed, provoked

Plaid = A tartan, checked pattern

Polemic = Person inclined to controversy, argument

Populace = The general public; masses, population

Potentate = A monarch

Pother = A commotion; a disturbance, a fuss, worry

Preform = Predetermined; decided beforehand

Prosody = Stress pattern

Prostrate = Bow down; submission, adoration

Purveryed = Provide

Quotidian = Daily

Rancor = Bitter resentment; deep-seated ill will

Rankle = Cause irritation or resentment

Requite = Service

Respite = Relief

Retrogression = Return to an earlier worse state

Revile = Angrily insulting manner

Risque = Racy or indecent

Scapegrace = A scoundrel; a rascal

Scoffer-ed = Person who expressed derision or scorn

Scouring = Remove dirt, clean, looking

Scoundrelly = roguish, dishonest, dishonorable

Seigniory = Feudal lord, absurd authoritarian

Ski run = On skiing slope

Smock = A loose coat-like outer garment

Smooch = Lover

Snivel = Whine

Snuffle = Breathe noisily through a blocked nose

Soft marked = Cornered

Solely = All, everyone

Spurn = Reject

Squall = Sudden violent windstorm

Squirm = Writhe, sign of humiliation

Squirt = Spray, spurt liquid

Stock-still = Immobilize, paralyzed

Strepitous = Noisy

Sturdier shrub = Rooted, firm and stronger

Suckered = Punched to death

Sullied = Tainted, unclean, defiled

Sundown country = White privilege

Swarthy = Person of dark complexion or color

Tankard = A large drinking cup

Telly education = Learning only via TV and internet

The Light = Almighty God

Thermal = Hot

Travail = Hard work, duty

Trojan plaintive = Sad person, A strong witness case

Uncouth = Ungraceful, untrained

Untuneful vessels = Useless object; muscle, Cheap and useless

Vagary = Inexplicable behavior

Vampy = Indecent and weak

Varnish = Polish, smooth coating, gloss finish

Veracity = Adherence to the truth

Vertical direction = Becoming knowledgeable, smart

Vine = Creepy, Weak-stemmed

Virulent = Intensely irritating, obnoxious, harsh

Visage = Feature

Vitriolic = Bitterly abusive

Vituperate = Blame

Vox populi = Voters; beliefs of the majority

Washington Wizards = NBA team

Weaponeer = Fashion weapons to kill another

Whiff = A gust of air; a waft

Whimpered = Cry, sniffle

Wont = Incline, hope

Wrought-smithery = A smith shaping by hammering

Xanax = Alprazolam drug - anxiety treatment

Yellow perturbation = Coward

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