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Harlequin A Booze

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Variety and medley point,

The spikes giggle and jab,

For a harlequin in a joint,

I clown to pay my tab.

No semblance, for a lamenting cloak,

A break from entertaining's woke.

There now jeers and laughter;

No spare from the town square.

The masses point;

They giggle and stare.

In rehab, I cannot afford a trite.

In a mask and parti-colored in tights,

Who tankards a fool to booze,

can suffer to accord a snooze?

Very kind of you, my smooch;

to offer me a bottle of hooch.

My sack-cloth forever remained.

Black cloak evermore;

tattered detrained.

An eyesore,

not a drink of water to pour.

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