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Songs of Dirges

Updated: Nov 6, 2020


Ignoble system mime my bad profile.

No wrong have I done.

Hated, they planted their evil.

Know that we will not be-gone.

Depraved hordes declared evil.

No, I don't wanna choke today,

No, we don't wanna die today.

Mama another victim on a day like this!


Turned ball fields into killing fields;

Playgrounds to battlegrounds.

Come, let's talk about this,

Come, let's discuss this.

Come, let's make things right.

Clans and minions lay their case.

Soft marked I said something smart.

They say it is sundown country.


The wrong place from birth.

Villainous knee on my neck.

Suckered tombstone marked invalid.

No wrong have I done.

Systemic hate callous evil begot.

Know that, our kin, my kind will not be by-gone.

911 Karen intents veiled.

Came, prepared to shoot another today.


Come on to the playing fields.

Wickedness rewarded in high places.

Peoples' house silently idle remained.

Go on, go talk about this.

Stock-still discourse, disturbed dissent.

Come, let's make things right.

Please don't be right, put them on ice.

Mama, another victim on a day like this!


They lay their case.

I said something smart.

They say it is sundown country.

The wrong place from birth.

Injurious knee on my neck

Poor be gone, ruined be damn, nugatory be dead.

Judge and jury wretched gunmen.

They are remains! Shoot to kill; not fit to remain.


My features, my visage, my face;

My countenance, my color a threat.

Black chant, our solemn dirge,

Pauperized be gone, beggared be dead.

See where the circuit riders maim.

My cast, my complexion, my mien;

My countenance is a threat.

Strongly willed to bear witness before the Light.

Gone, go on, be-gone our heroes.

Black martyrs chant our solemn dirge.


We can't breathe, my solemn dirge,

Your knee off our neck!

I can't breathe, our solemn dirge.

Brown martyrs chant a solemn dirge

We can breathe, my solemn dirge.

Minority martyrs chant a solemn dirge.

Your knee off our neck!

I can't breathe! We can't breathe; my solemn dirge!

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