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Regal Walk

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Slowly, slowly, slow as a tiger step forth,

so, majestically we go.

Our walk a regal swag;

not easy on the tiptoe.

It commands a whoa!

On this day, I abound to cross the Jordan.

My silent cry loud wailing provokes;

no blunder.

Unbearable gloominess falls like rain.

Into the arms of my forebears,

there to remain.

My maker there happily to receive.

Float across the Jordan for my reprieve.

Silent cries loud wailing provoked no traces.

Sorrowful tears bedew many faces.

Streaming down, they fall like rain.

To the arms of my forebears to earn my gain.

Restful peace to receive my joy conceive.

Not worried about the bad cop good cop,

with notions preformed.

My freedom now to a supremely complete deform.

My ceaseless pain calls for longevity and less dying.

Mighty royals walk the majestic walk due.

Stepping forth slow calms a fitting swag;

for a big foot to fit the shoe.

Slowly, slowly, slow;

the majestic tiger steps forth.

Black walks a regal striking swagger.

Keep the skips back-and-forth.

Unbearable melancholy falls like rain.

Black life is orderly drained again and again.

To the arms of our forebears and maker then fairer,

Unfathomable peace from the Cross Bearer.

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