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Updated: Jul 10, 2023


Pandemic pandemonium

Fallacies desperation;


Conspiracies and neglecting first duty.

This person is a man;

who ensorcelled many a woman.

Has a daily-dire need to speak;

to the camera Klan.


Faddishly decrees the appearance of things on TV.

The person,

this man will be right eventually.

Revile, vituperate,

curse bullyrag woman.

He wanders, digressively,

and irrational on camera.


Grifting, gaming the people,

ill-informed on TV.

Too many dead,

and he will be right eventually.

Incongruous to fool all the people all the time.

Wild gull, vile guile,

and hutzpah willed undone.


Anti-crime a game of broken wings;

fully featured on full-time.

Non-disclosure agreements ills bane ensconced.

Aggregated without power;

rated dilapidated.

This man imitates success,

not the good of all chordates.


Wont not to discharge travail;

to protect people.

Unaccountable, occult;

Hush-hush and nebulous:

The amorphous disease ravages;

the crowned contemptuous.


This man fusses;

via various forms of potentate lust.

But, missing true dignities of offices;

and authority.

That is the season plan;

to eventually fire this man.

Now, a home run call to solely wish;

the Donny doyen evil disestablish.

Bone spurs marked rejected;

for high office and checkmated.

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