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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Once offered a choice,

a stranger for a mother,

I have a pother bird's voice

My birth-father an eagle confused;

I have no fuss just, cowering.

This lowering is not stifle refused.

An eagle by the eyeful bemused.

I left home a long time

without a bother.

Drabbed in sack-cloth

weary of scouring pastimes,

Sick and tired of this strange

black cloak.

Wearing me out

this heavy smock;

Jeers and laughter

on the dry-dock.

Now again, orphaned,

back home now a dingy spotter.

A rebellious fox,

I chose a stranger for a mother.

An eagle-like bird spirit soaring;

having no time to ponder.

Now home in a pine box;

caressing face of thunder.

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