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Losing 45 & Under

Updated: Sep 20, 2020


This argument is not for troll;

But, it is in a measure for your soul.

Hear the call to the able;

the discerning at the round-table.

Profiting, and gaining the world.

Losing, and condemning your soul;

Evangelicals, collecting deliverables.

A political laundry list of gains zeal;

For pieces of silver, they signed the deal.


A religious cover as the chosen one disinforms.

Yellow perturbation eroding norms;

Wrought-smithery of smoke and mirrors.

Trading the constitution for shadow form.

Misinformed, for whom are you fighting?

The very young turning away soar

with a fright.

They see the hypocrisy victim pray,

They see identity politics trick play.


They see you whip up righteous anger,

They see you generate misattributed fear.

Charlatans fear, for more they hunger,

Religious back-slap as the nation

backslides with moral collapse.

Segregation for sinners and saints.

Throwing the first stone ain't plaint.

Where's the taciturn

and reticent ability to discern?


Christen call to final judgment before


summons the ability to stand before

the Light source

Set forth the fight for discernment's roadway;

To plead your case before the Supreme Being.

Care for the least among you always foreseeing,

Stacking mortals on the supreme court.

Failing to prepare,

prepare to fail a non-worrywart.

Unbind the machinations of the victor victim brat.

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