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Burning Flag

Updated: Sep 20, 2020


The draft dodger;

charges imposed.

A fine to pay,

the cowards declared;

Elective I supposed.

Here is a chance;

for a stare-down to replay.

Trek to capitol leader to parley.

On return to give my reply.

Ancestors for a ply-pile

of things though,

Strings at the start;

the flag they chose.

Stripes and stars above mortals

and all else it rose.


It strikes one like a treasure chest;

Full of money, riches,

and the best.

A thing of pride

and everlasting joy;

This song of mine;

I sing for the cowboy.

The sound of my drums,

It reverberates for good.

Here is my abiosis,

peaceful life in victim-hood.

Quietly, sitting my,

marginal life unagreeable;

Being still mannerly,

my bucket list's end unforeseeable.


Victims progeny inheritance

be forfeited.

Optional draft dodger

charges laid court-side;

A fine to pay,

his enablers to confirm.

Nicely placed,

to see their faces to reconfirm.

Journey to the capitol

to see the leader,

On my return to give my reply

to the impeder.

evil incarnate loathes.

A mix of things

the striking flag they chose.


When mentioned, it sounds like;

a treasure chest to boast.

Issue the money;

to buy time lost to toast.

That roast,

a thing of pride to enjoy.

This song I sing for good,

not for joy.

Sounds of my war drum,

far overdue.

Joyful Maryland,

My Maryland in April;

gives a clue.

James quietly disapproval;


Ryder skull and;

crossbones nauseated.


Randall strepitous voiceless dissent.

Here my abiosis a peaceful life,

grateful intent.

Quietly sitting, pithy,

and unagreeable.

Here, I am still always tormented,

necrosis unacceptable.

Where is the swarthy;

the offspring's inheritance?

Hereafter, to be called to the abode;

of the saints' acceptance.

Contemplate the nature;

and judgment of things.

Freeman, apportion empathy;

for foreign spirit springs.

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