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Blue States Virus Overtakes the Red

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Face-mask or no mask.

Now a political audition.

Every state leads a kind of opening.

To mask or not to mask,

Now a public motley plaid opining.

That is a reasonable thing to ask!

Government control a new task.

What a deadly toll for resisting?

The best safety counsel?

Self-managed state Security Council.

Pain ignited and death knighted,

we earned Salt of the Earth.

Some will live no-longer, a life wronger.

How much is a human life worth?

How many more will have to die;

For the absentee Kaiser,

and the unrestrained lies?

Lives crisscross,

and sometimes they do collide.

There is a time to observe,

a season applied.

There is a time to comprehend;

and a time to act.

The crisis has deepened;

but the leaders slack.

Seigniory proposed for a second term.

The crisis deepened,

the metrics confirm.

Now, you wonder;

if that Kaiser bled or led.

Their blue state virus is now overtaking red.

See the alternate truthers no solution,

It a show of non-sense!

Telly education without vertical ascent.

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