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Black Lives Matter

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Black lives easily taken,

Mama died left me shaken.

Father gun devoured

when I was one;

My poor lonely soul

left to mourn.

My breed

my cognation impaled.

Smart ones,

their markers up-scaled.  

Ebony doesn't matter too much.

Nubian debased to a shrivel crutch.  

My kindred my brood,

bitten to sudden death.

Troubles I inherited my life

a breech birth.

A lonely wanderer

now the allure to cull meth.  

The moon turn tides,

turn my girth.

I need someone

to turn my luck around.

The powers that be

confounded to astound.  


came undone when I was one.  

On a store run,

he run an errand end-run.

For sweets he died,

they huzzah.

I need someone to turn

my luck around.

Black lives adroitly taken

by the sullied abuser.

Paradise found,

mama looking down,


Beggared ebony

doesn't matter so much.  


a white privilege mismatch.  

My kindred my brood

death day dated.  

Troubles, I inherited

my life recurring negated. 

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Victoria Antai
Victoria Antai
14 de set. de 2020


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