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Walk A Day In My Black Shoes

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Spot chanced blackface to take a day's walk.

Walk a sole mile in my shoes, you buck.

Your invitation to a learning curve intro;

It is extended to all who care to know.

Stoke and confirm the belief of your yoke.

Did you find that it is easy being us?

Infamy to leave home by sails omnibus.

Here now perchance or by a grand design.

Here mostly without a say to decline.

We were told to be quiet and obey the rules.

The rules abrogated to subjugate the fools.

Denial is not a life strategy for your noose.

How elusive is our time? It is footloose.

Who has the Might to my rights?

We gripe for attention to our plight.

The sully abuser deploys many a tell tick.

A life of latitude is always our only pick.

Look over there; another abuse.

The murderers' ruse is the color cue.

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