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World Unseen

In the realm of possibilities, a world unseen,

Lies a tapestry of dreams, waiting to convene.

What could it be, this grand design?

A vision of a future, harmonious and kind.

What could it be, if love reigned supreme,

Where empathy and compassion are the mainstream

A place where differences no longer divide,

But celebrate the beauty in each unique stride.

What could it be, if justice prevailed,

Where fairness and equality never derailed?

A society that uplifts the marginalized and weak,

Where all voices are heard, no matter how meek.

What could it be, if nature thrived,

Where we cherished the Earth and helped it revive?

A world of balance, where ecosystems bloom,

With clean air, vibrant oceans, and forests in full bloom.

What could it be, if knowledge soared,

Where education and wisdom were widely adored?

A thirst for learning, minds curious and bright,

Unlocking new frontiers, pushing boundaries with might.

What could it be, if kindness spread,

Where smiles and acts of goodwill were widespread?

A ripple effect, touching hearts near and far,

Illuminating the path, like a guiding star.

So, let us ponder and dare to dream,

To envision a future yet unseen.

What could it be, if we dared to strive

To create a world where humanity can thrive?

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