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Willpower Letdown

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

With more willpower, I would eat right.

Exercise regularly, avoid drugs; and I just might.

My willpower is my determination, drive, and my resolve.

It's my self-discipline, but me, it does not truly absolve.

My willpower is the inner strength; to me, it enables.

It seemed very powerful, but me, it typically disables.

Generally, willpower is regularly proven weak.

It must have left my retain long before last week.

Oh but, if I could have stronger willpower.

Some believe they could improve it every hour.

Others easily choose tasking ways to do anything.

To achieve fantastic goals, they stop procrastinating.

Duty, many times, calls for my mind's activation.

Oh but, if I could just have some more imagination.

My willpower is lacking the strength for action.

Imagination is the strength that gets traction.

While my willpower seemed unreachable internal,

Needed imagination is varied and always eternal.

My willpower would rather die with me. Or you.

But imagination, the winged-itch has a long queue.

My willpower only sees inner armed resistance clue.

It speaks to me about discomfort and difficulties skew.

Essential, imagination boldly trusts external assistance due.

And it ignores infirm malaise to desire formidability through.

To take action and perform tasks, I need plans.

I must choose the power of my mind to run scans.

Nobody can create a new bodily function.

Knowing what I want involves my imagination.

The real reflection of willpower is my perception.

To succeed – I first must have a reward motivation.

Motivation is a power-driver for my imagination within.

My unconscious mind knows not the line in-between.

Real thought and imagined inputs received are secured alike.

My unconscious mind surpasses my conscious at first strike.

My thoughts produce the same mental instructions.

Now, ceaselessly to look all over and review my actions.

Willpower will gladly hold you and me infinitely back.

Motivation: the reward for action may sometimes lack

Without motivation, imagination has no legs to walk.

Is it not the very lack of motivation that birthed slack?

The objective focuses on detail to accomplish a crown.

Your motivation with imagination avoids willpower letdown.


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