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Value of Democracy

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

All the red lights are running crimson

The brightness that will put them in prison

But, the nation remains emotionally scarred

Even when the blowhards and bombard are barred

The true meaning of patriotism and courage

Is the 25 years old woman; at her age

She knows the value of our country;

The true value of our democracy.

I have seen a riant daughter of the land

Who wades into doleful waters to stand

To put vicious bugs out of the house band

Heed her warning about the countermand.

But certain men lack simple discernment.

So, they embraced the embarrassment;

The pathetic one who is a failed president

With clash of gloves, they became decedents.

Then came a voice of reason.

Like the burning tears of poison

It gives them the feverish reason

Why some will do serious time for treason.

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