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Under the Suggestion of Death

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

When Justice gave jiggery-pokery orders in court,

She opened her doors to blind nonsense reports.

She caused citizens' rights to grow quite a dearth.

Her statute is now under the threat of death.

A Balderdash is formally entered on the record,

Against an Attractive Nuisance and Unborn Widow Accord.

A Heartbalm tort left to go on a frolic detour,

In a quiet enjoyment, with a beautiful paramour.

Then, a Fertile Octogenarian sets the Rule Against Perpetuity,

While a precocious toddler is swaddled in Poppycock and Flummery,

Pendente Lite awaits legislation to maintain the status quo,

Lis Pendens asked the masses to wait for things to flow.

But Champerty the third funds the beggared case.

So, Honesty puts the law in charge of the masses.

Mutatis Mutandis conjures new spells at ease.

To change the changes that keep things as is.

These Nonsenses balance the imbalance blaze.

To bring to Justice's half-flaming blind gaze.

Those murky words sharp into focus on the earth

Place these orders under the suggestion of death.

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