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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

The Kremlin, perched upon a caprice-laden stage,

A gold-gilded throne, a grand display,

Surrounded by weapons of whimsical might,

Megaphones of vagary, ready a war to fight.

With menacing glares and haughty pride,

They aim to upstage, their power to ride.

But against their arrogance, behold,

A hero emerges, humble and bold.

Beneath their façade, their empty shell,

He sees the secret chains that dwell,

Within the Russian flattering core,

The inner struggles they silently bore.

For one heart beats with desire's heat,

While satirists drip with venomous deceit.

Amidst the lust and greed that taints,

The hero rises, their flaws he paints

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