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The path you've walked now will take a turn,

New horizons to the hereafter before you burn.

A blank slate, awaiting to claim your will.

In paradise, numerous rewards shall be fulfilled

The camaraderie of old faces you leave,

But in this transition, you must believe,

Old connections renewed as blossoms will bloom,

In this uncharted territory, a chance to groom.

In the period of forever, shifts take flight,

A journey new, a change of sight.

Transferred to a destination, fresh and bold,

A story of transformation unfolds.

Challenges may rise like mountains high,

Yet, determination gifts will lift to the sky.

Gather courage, embrace the unknown,

In this different space, your will shall be sown.

Each day a chance to learn and grow,

To let your cleansed soul truly show.

Embracing the unfamiliar, you find your way,

A symphony of change, be ready to play.

Here you stand, at this juncture so bright, Transferred to a new place, your heart takes flight.

With open arms, you must welcome what's near,

In this new chapter, there's nothing to fear.

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