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Transient Hour Farewell

At the threshold of twilight's fleeting glow,

I stand before the door where partings flow,

A farewell, dear folks, now must I say,

For my time has come, and I cannot stay.

Today's not my day to watch the sun,

As my journey's end has just begun,

Into the vast unknown, I now embark,

Leaving behind my life's transient spark.

With courage held firm, I'll walk this road,

Embracing the process, no fear bestowed,

To go over yonder, where rest awaits,

In tranquil repose and peaceful states.

Though memories linger, love remains,

In hearts and minds, eternal chains,

This chapter ends, and a new one starts,

In the tapestry of life's woven arts.

So, do not grieve, for I am free,

Amidst the stars and boundless sea,

In the cosmos' embrace, I'll find my way,

A celestial dance, forever to sway.

To all I've known, a fond adieu,

In this farewell, I'll remember you,

As I transcend this transient door,

In the eternal journey, evermore.

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