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The Village Dance

In the distance, the moon embraced their pure visage,

As they harmonized songs, a tribute to their heritage.

They danced with grace, embodying the land's allure,

In their unique rhythm, a tale of life secure.

Till the encroaching dawn pursued with gentle might,

Guiding their heavy heads towards slumber's respite.

Their eyelids grew heavy, dreams veiled in hushed embrace,

As night's curtain fell, bidding them a tranquil space.

The following night, the moon again embraced the village,

As they sang songs at their ancestral river's landing stage.

They danced with grace, embodying their culture inure,

In their peculiar rhythm, times of joy to ensure

Till the matching dawn again pursued the gentle night.

To guide their footsteps towards slumber's campsite.

Their heads again grew heavy, dreams veiled in sleep's embrace,

As night's curtain fell, yielding peace in the ancestral place

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