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The Trump Insurrection

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

This Wednesday, sore losers

Seditionist conspirators secede.

The thugs and refusers

cruised the Capitol to accede.

It was a Trump insurrection.

It impeded a constitutional right.

Properties looted with destruction.

It sires a new American world blight.

They stopped a government act.

It was a coup attempt; that's a fact.

The goo poo-poo choosing white

identity over the constitution is trite!

They carried the Confederacy flag

during the vicious thwack.

Many police aided the secessionists.

Storming infamy, these insurrectionists.

Privileged now say, slow the flak.

With each video from the attack,

we see more horrifying than the one back.

When under pressure, bear your alack.

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