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The Night

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

In their hearts, where darkness reigns,

Grifters and bigots, bound by chains,

Those who disturb the night's serene,

Find not solace in sleep's sweet dream.

The moon, a jewel in the midnight sky.

Casts its glow, as the tides comply,

But he who holds it captive in his sway,

Reaps not the favor of the ocean's play.

For nature's balance cannot be disturbed,

By those who seek power, with motives absurd,

The night seeks peace, the moon craves release,

Harmony disrupted, all blessings cease.

Let night be gentle, let the moon be free,

Embrace the tranquility, let it be,

For in the stillness, the world finds repose,

And hearts find solace, as the darkness slows.

Respect the night, its beauty and its grace,

Release the moon, let it find its rightful place,

For those who disturb, who seek to control,

Shall find no favor, as the tides unroll.

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