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The Hearings

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

I can imagine him watching the hearings on tv

The swam of middle-fingers flipping him is his history

Him hooping and howling with rage and naïveté.

Then he becomes livid at some stage;

Purplish, that there‘s no minions sage

Enough speaking up for him with outrage.

His cheating to win and taking advantage

Has put a steak through the heart of the states

Now, take a look at his MAGA maggot-ed rage.

Like many rivers feed freely the sea,

His crimes have come home for him to see

For, the rule of law will not let him be.

His claims are fraudulent and they are spurious

For many, the escalating emergency will be injurious

All the talk will now be put to rest - the law is serious.

With a motion of hands, he starts the bout with the denizens

When all is said and done with the howling partisans

Only one will remain emotionally scarred - the citizens.

His harping on the past and his erosion of norms is vast

But, his very heart is guilty time and again with the rest

When he beats on the lump in his still heaving breast.

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