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The Butterflies

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

The butterflies, they came

Quietly, they flutter by all the same

The monarchs, the queens, the kings

Soft on their vibrant wings

These butterflies, just like any

Before the end of their journey

Traversed many a continent

To find me desiring to be content

Their dance slowly realizing

In my bowels, a feeling of a pleasant ding

In my heart, a new song to sing

From jingles tingling in the wind to a zing

The warm twang is just as surprising

As the feelings in my belly keeps rising

In my inner parts, l sense a sizable uprising

To force my old inhibitions into submission

The butterflies, all the same,

In the air like a beautiful flame

Their perch births a patch in my throat

And churns my stomach (my being) afloat

Ultimately perturbed by a surging infatuation

My sweaty palms feel more like a burning inflammation

You'd think I’m caught in the webs of a bug

In my intestines, love bubbles, a quizzing tug

But honey! Be off with it - I shrugged

And back into the hole that I had dug

But again, this love thing could be for me

Right? Listen! Does anybody want some coffee?

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