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The Beehive

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

When forceful gusts rush the foyer today,

Within the house, the breezes sway,

A hum emerges, a soft buzz begins,

At the threshold, a neighbor's fuss akin.

As the teenager steps towards the door ajar,

A very emptiness greets him near and far,

Within his gaze, a bee takes flight,

Its daring buzz fills the air like a powerful kite.

Through the kitchen, then aloft to other rooms,

Annoyance stirs the loft as it resumes its vroom,

With youthful impulse, a shoe takes flight,

To confirm the missed attempt in broad daylight.

The shoe, a loyal-hand-tool missile without a guide,

Tumbles forth as if in a tipsy diver's stride,

Loafer, thru the window's pane, into the pool's embrace,

A shattered glass reflects the end of the chase.

Then comes a crescendo of buzz, louder it grew,

A swarms of wings, into the house a daunting view,

Seeking a purpose, a meer transient quest,

Homing to their queen, a duty on her behest

Consequences operate the learning's door,

Yet trapped in actions the youth abhor,

Logic relinquished, minds entrapped,

In the available choices, logic’s tragic lapse.

Now, a call to Mother must be made,

For drama's high pitched symphony to cascade,

Wisdom and prudence, they'll surely discuss,

Those bees have claimed the house in a fuss.

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