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Stolen Election Gospel

The torrent of troubles run blind

Underneath their subconscious mind

Meandering like a river of napalm

To oust the dust crusted uneasy calm

At the core of the prate of force soothing balm

In the gospel of the stolen election claim

Then added to the onerous atmosphere

The words were ringing in their ears

With such persistence, it gave way to fear

It is impossible to banish what is theirs

The rigorous delivery on their persons

Quelled the need for logic and reason

For us, it has been ho-hum and frustrating

For some passengers it was humiliating

The nation tethering on the edge of breaking

Tempting fate with a fleeting wave of blessing

God bless the republic and the democrats

The pathological liars, and the kleptocrats

The tactic fell them at the spine and brainstem

Too willing to be ferried across the midterm

Bracket that to the fascist and the racist to boot.

They gladly savored its sickness thru the snoot

Suddenly, mime Pence grew a ball -a kinda pair

But it was too shriveled for the big boy pants

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