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Spring Daffodils To Fall

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

As summer slowly wanders off

At the sound of a dutiful chime

It vows a return in due time

But it turns around to cough

At what it did with spring

To scoff at what the tired showers bring

The carnival of yellow-red daffodils

That played on the sides of the hills.

From a first motif and flirt

To a brief tour and sleep lure

In a deadly embrace, inure

With the leafy brown earth.

By the strident warmth and picnic

The summer heat conspire with the rains

To dislodge the festival of Spring plains

With battle-line thus drawn in panic.

To chase the summer bummer into frailty

So, we chalk it up to winter's icy dance

Its music creates a moving trance

With a finality matching into eternity

A face bore the grave coded inscriptions

Of what is going on, on earth's missions

When Summer and Fall lingered in a tactile;

A bonding gesture for a while

They feel each other's pulse

Through heaving chest, daring

To share their inner stirring

Under mistletoes above the floor.

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