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So Can I

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

They can get away with it, so I goofed

I did, in the blooming season of youth

I did so without telling the truth.

Without puff, puffery, and rhetoric

I'd strike the ship of fools; the unpatriotic

I tossed them into a shameful ocean of the ludic.

But the political media has perverse machinations

A United defense media will feed condemnations

Their secret desires, investigations, and fixations

The burning carcass of the family blowing in the wind

Until they exhume the body of the dead devilkin

To reveal more than it can conceal in muscle and skin.

When the crows return, lives crashing came to a slow halt

With a crushing crescendo, that day starts the assault.

But, they will not confess to the true ugly colors of their fault.

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