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Receding Time

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Against the slow receding strains;

When the moon relays its restraints.

And the sun bares earth's constraints.

Should a man dare to state any complaints?

When the voices trail off beyond,

The twilight into the twisted oblivion,

Shine the pedantic rock in the darkness.

To count the living in the obliqueness.

Bring to life actions of the past tenacity.

And run the litmus test of veracity.

To see the spark of yet another dawn.

Cede to light on the parapets of splendor.

Upon the seasonal swings of the pendulum,

Ride the chariots of gravity beyond the horizon.

These things were written on apocryphal scrolls.

To touch the last embers of our memories against the receding scrawls.

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