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Ready Or Not

Updated: May 23, 2023

Ready or not, life moves on,

A relentless dance that lingers long.

It twists and turns, takes unexpected turns, Leaving us breathless as the world churns.

Ready it or not, the seasons change,

Colors shift, rearranged in nature's range.

The vibrant hues of springtime bloom,

Give way to summer's warmth, dispelling gloom.

Ready it or not, the tides ebb and flow,

Washing away footprints left in the sand below.

With each wave's retreat, a fresh start emerges,

A chance to rewrite the tale that fate converges.

Ready it or not, emotions rise and fall,

A turbulent symphony, we're not in control.

Love's sweet embrace, or heartbreak's sting,

They shape our souls, the melodies they bring.

Ready it or not, change is a constant force,

Sometimes embraced, sometimes met with remorse.

It challenges our comfort, tests our will,

Revealing strengths we didn't know we could fulfill.

So, ready it or not, embrace the unknown,

For life's mysteries are meant to be shown.

With open hearts and minds, we embark,

On a journey of growth, leaving behind the dark.

For in the tapestry of life's intricate design,

The highs and lows beautifully intertwine.

So, let us embrace the rhythm of life's plot,

Accepting its twists and turns, ready it or not.

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