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Quisling's Gram

Quisling low to the rock bottom

Gram who has been suborned

In contempt, more fiercely burn

Fires of hatred with the loser's churn

He lives in dungeons and darkness

As a quisler matted in wickedness

Quisling gram, the vested believer

Who fawn upon the conqueror --Fuhrer

While groveling low, he lowers himself

Filthy quislings and groveling we hear

Your freedom to destroy with a cheer

You deserved it cause you did it to yourself

Fascists like phoenixes have risen

From the flame of anger in their vision

To the corrupt neo-Nazi invader's illusion

To drive the gram(s) under his thumb to excision.

Note: Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling was a Norwegian military officer, politician and Nazi collaborator who nominally headed the government of Norway during the country's occupation by Nazi Germany during World War II. Quisling is one of history's most infamous traitors due to his role in selling out Norway. Wikipedia

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