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Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Like a boiling pot on the stove

My pressure rises

It travels dimension unknown to rove

Mentally I am mesmerized

Somehow my being instinctively realizes

This won't be paradise

The person I have become - neither you nor I recognize

Gazing into the mirror - my reflection has been victimized

Pressures from deceits always have their dreaded receipts

When the ideal of self-embraces entreats; you'd want to wish away conceits

Beware the mirage in the mirror - a critter,

spawn from a marriage to fear that is bitter

Things I want so badly, surely, will wither as your resilience slowly dithers

Dawn will assault my sleep in the dark

To drowned me in the lake near the park

This tragedy contrast the fear of lark

To the discourse that turns its back

But overt pressure in my face always mumbles

While covert pressure at my back scrambles

At my calm confidence as they flee

While my very self-beliefs make me breathe free

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