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Updated: Jan 29, 2023

When love seemed out of reach

And visions of leisure feel like an itch

Shouldn’t you take off and shoot for Mars?

To escape into the sea of the scintillating stars

A journey to the skies, that's beyond measure

Where love smothers with her treasure

Then you’ll finally find where you belong

And where eternal pleasures are so strong

When away from the mere fragile world of hope

With time-tested sweet seductive murmurs

Love will twinkle from above where you eloped

To escape daydreams all fall, winter, spring, and summer

You'll float in between the brightest galaxies

You'll fulfill yout fantasies and ecstasies

Fill your days of daydreams with pleasure

And tears of joy to relieve the pressure

All day, you'll explore other hidden parts.

And inquire into all unbidden acts

Where the bells toll for you to be bold

Love will be yours to have and to hold.

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