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Prosody's Parody

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Parody in my work brings the salty funny.

It provides no exaggeration's seed money.

But, it gives me no limitations to deflect.

My exaggerated word choices a comic effect.

It wrecks the metrical structure of the verses;

Like a hoarse COVID voice, the versification inverses.

I need an elbowroom to give me a wide berth.

Relieve parole to my otiosity, the loathing sloth.

Prosody for my songs gives the high.

The cadence effect parody in the intellect;

makes a thinker give a blameful sigh.

Things shamefully now are a whole mess.

Idle hours from my Muses works no success.

I have my faults, but I have not learned.

My mistakes are now my literary style earned.

Give freedom, give me room to stint a pen.

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14 sept. 2020

Let freedom ring🤗

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