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Monday Blues

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

When my emotions surge, intellect takes flight,

I asked her for a kiss, a moment of delight,

Instead, her cheek I meet, a playful tease,

A ting of feelings, caught in a twirling breeze.

By next week's end, I ventured online,

To set up shop, a task benign,

As morn arrives, a login quest,

Username, password; denied at best.

"Invalid," was the cries to my login plea,

Forgotten password, has no solace for me,

In need of aid, a call to India's wise,

To untangle this annoying digital enterprise.

Assistance sought, an answer profound,

Companions await, urgency unbound,

Words may falter, yet hope's still near,

Through each attempt, lockout now cleared.

Harder I strive, my purpose renewed,

Seeking solution, a path to conclude,

There's an online ocean of lovers, to presort,

Just like that kiss, a memory caught.

When emotions surge, reasoning may wane,

Yet onward I push, love's effort sustained,

Intelligence and feelings, a delicate blend,

In this intricate dance, our journeys transcend.

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