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Momma Knows

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Momma knows the stone pits like hell.

Shredded feet amble along as on eggshells.

Blistered hands with lamps held tight,

She cracked and crashed till daylight.

Her soul would fare better with sunlight.

To see her soles avoid the rocks, they fight.

But no other choice does she have.

She has to feed her many young.

When judgment day finally comes along,

Does the Good Lord ask if you run away?

Your soul to say, many stones I did carve?

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5 comentarios

13 feb 2021

Thanks Debbie!!!

Me gusta


Me gusta

Nice one👌

Me gusta

08 feb 2021

Thanks doc!

Me gusta

08 feb 2021

I just read Momma Knows and I love it.

Me gusta
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