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Unlucky In Love

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Her cupid lit in her a spark of fire

That became a burning desire

The crave at first was a low burn

Then into a raging inferno, it turned

Her potion-ed arrow pointed at the online ocean

A ranger on the trail of intimate strangers

Found a treasure-trove of the natural desire for love

Each she shuffled and ruffled strand by strand

To find a trusted; the package-ultimate

A chosen cordate; a true soul mate

The honey to greet, meet, and date

A gallant devoid of any betrayal trait

When all the boxes were checked

Attractive, intelligent, funny, and perhaps money

A whirlwind affair awaits the dove

Is always there to trip the unlucky in love

Is she blinded to the truth about life?

Trickery of love is a game of strife!

That scared people cannot play

Some who ventured are too scarred to say

That their stupid-cupid found a con

That the very one who created the fun

Romeo had turned the fungus among us

To ruin her race for her place in the sun

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