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Life's Keep

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

When fidelity is the key,

And it isn't done for a fee.

Then, it is bound to be free.

Let it sanitize a Kraken freak.

We will sing our success stories long.

And dance to the tunes of many a song.

But, just like a moth, we do not see.

And it seemed we were afloat at sea.

Stay the tears of an uncommon man.

And slay the blame for the apiphobia.

Say, now we are stung here and there.

Today, we stay calm to be ourselves.

We will not quit the game the wicked started.

Our hands and feet tremble our hearts pound.

At the bank of the rivers, rested souls laid down.

They await he who comforts the tender-hearted.

Now hear quietened words of hope.

Surrender to overcome a death blow.

For at long last, we lived and coped.

And now, we have defeated the foe.

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