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Life on a Sinking Ship

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

On this voyage, the sea was rough.

And the ship was quickly sinking.

All but one lifeboat, the elements destroyed.

A life guardian to decide who lives or dies now deployed.

In the solitary lifeboat, space is not enough.

Four lives quickly headed for no more blinking.

Six weeks pregnant, this woman claimed, we heard.

The newly married couple garner long life lovebirds

Sixteen grandkids, this senior citizen, they may lose.

The elementary school teacher now stands accused.

These thirteen-year-olds remained alive to schmooze.

The poor old nurse is many times used and abused.

This captain will go down with his ship in a settled truce.

Equity is ready to give them no moral excuse.

Beak, now life guardian moral duty, has a task to perform.

Captain, you are going down with your ship, an idea in the storm.

Lifeguard, to swim, you have to walk the plank, they inform.

Teacher, off you go, here no school has no time to perform.

The old nurse has sure saved many, now go and feel the dank.

Surrogates will have a clear conscience, not guilty for a spank.

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