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In The Shadows

Confusion and Ire, a tempestuous pair,

Confront Ego with a relentless stare.

In storm tossed thoughts, they tightly twine,

A dance of emotions that’s both dark and divine.

Confusion, that gray mist obscures the way,

Leads wondering into the depths of dismay.

Its tendrils reach deep into the future unknown,

Where answers are hidden, seeds yet unsown.

Ire, a fire that burns with a rage,

Consumes the soul in its furious cage.

With flames that flicker, wild and untamed,

In the crucible of fury, you are rather inflamed.

Ego, the stage where this drama unfolds,

Caught in a battle of changing stories untold.

It wrestles with questions, it grapples with pain,

As Confusion and Ire whittle to stake their claim.

Through introspection, you must seek to unchain,

The bonds of emotion that cause you such pain.

To harmonize Ego, Ire, and Confusion,

In the symphony of self, that divine fusion.

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