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Idiotic Tribesmen

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

When all selfless loyal work is done,

In the lane, the sun has gone down.

Settle it is now the end of the day.

Earth timely turns in its sweet relay.

Sages call the intrepid patriot.

But, veritable tribe rally its idiot.

Dared, citizen to complain in vain.

A moron sees no victim in pain.

The country idiot cares devoid.

The imbecile still he'll steal.

The mooncalf cheats in bleats.

Silly-Billy tweets trash and bin.

The tribesmen believe only in you

if you are of their tribe and view.

A terrible leader alienates the rest.

Ethnicity-religion he sees as best.

Citizen does right by gene pool.

Tenet is the laws, ethics, and rules.

You can catch them farseeing.

Ardent to uphold others' well-being.

Leaders back benefits to every citizen.

Reorientation turns tribesman citizens.

Sticks and carrots turn an idiot citizen.

Idiotic reformed tribes can turn denizens.

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