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I Prayed For You

Attraction, like the stars embrace the night,

There shines a star with beauty, pure and bright.

Your ethereal grace, a gentle breeze,

Whispering secrets among the trees.

A slight chink in your fluffy armor, a bit wrong,

But deep within your soul, a bond to belong.

You walk with sounds so soft in melody

It brings a jingling, sweet, tender rhapsody

Your visage, painted with a moonlit gleam,

Your beauty is more than it may seem.

Graceful as the dance of constellations,

You enchant with celestial vibrations.

Your eyes, a deep pool of an endless sky,

That holds galaxies where wonders lie.

Your smile, a sunbeam's tender kiss,

Your kindness illuminates the darkest abyss.

Whenever our eyes meet, hidden desires awaken,

As if a dream long lost, now unshaken.

Your presence, familiar, like a cherished song,

In the symphony of souls, where we belong.

Your laughter, a melody of celestial art,

Echoes through every longing heart.

Soft as the touch of stardust's fall,

It weaves enchantment's gentle thrall.

Little moments echo in distant spheres,

Laughter and tears, joy through the years.

Though time may dance, slow and clever,

My heart insists we've known each other forever.

I prayed for you on whispered breath, a decree.

And the stars above bore witness to my earnest plea,

I implored the universe with uncommon zeal.

Now, here you stand, my prayer fulfilled,

Your presence radiates like the morning light,

Breaking through the shroud of night.

Your ethereal beauty, a universe within,

A timeless wonder to sing in celestial hymns

Through lifetimes past and futures anew,

This prayer, sentiment, steadfast and true.

In this cosmic dance, wherever art endeavors,

My heart whispers, "I have known you forever."

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