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Hello Ghana

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Today is the morning after the night before.

Wake up to inner peace without bedsore.

It's hot, but I see a little drizzle here and there.

And king, the sun shoots earth a daring glare.

I see fleeting clouds, even in parts, a bit of rain.

Come out blobs, git up, and be out of the drain.

It is time for you to shine another day.

See the crowd and rise above the fray.

The blood of the ancestors thus serene.

May the gold beneath also benefit the kin.

Trees stand to salute the flag's green immure.

As we are gifted another dawn, we will endure.

Just another day befits an unjust display.

With the break of light, let's find a new way.

May we perform the new with brawn or brain.

To lift our nation to new heights to reign.

Good morning Ghana

Expose your prima donna.

Not in pieces, but still in one piece.

Please, peace be still! Be still at peace.

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