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Grieve Not For Me

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Once upon my time.

I will hear my last chime,

Before that hour is due,

I am on a leaf but a dew.

Then let me down to lie.

My laboring breath must cease.

Fixed is my appointed time to die.

In this, I have attended my peace.

When that day comes,

To time l must succumb.

I don't want to be late.

I am prepared for my fate.

Not a second more,

Not a minute or an hour,

Not a day or a week,

Not a month or a year.

Then, I must avoid a moment

to touch you, caress a face, give a hug.

For I have misplaced the strength

to hold a hand, give love, wipe a tear.

And I have lost the power to give a kiss,

make a play, and finish my work.

Grieve not today for me

For now, my path is free.

Along I must hurry, I plea.

Alone my soul is set to flee.

When in my void, you are employed

Fill it with remembered joy.

In the very depths of your heart,

Make no sorrows' burden any part.

Cry not for a free soul.

Miss me just for today.

Then rise to see your way.

Celebrate my life a-whole.

No tears and sad emotions for me!

Happy times will heal your loss, my love.

In your hearts, you must keep me.

So long, my beloved!

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