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Free Hearts

Updated: May 29, 2023

In the sea of boundless dreams, where love takes flight

Resides a free heart, guided by its inner light.

Unfettered by chains, it soars high and wide,

Embracing the world with open arms, no fear to hide.

A free heart beats with a rhythm pure and true,

Unrestrained by judgment, it shines through.

It knows no boundaries, no limits to confine,

Radiating compassion and love, like a divine sign.

A free heart sings a melody, wild and sweet,

Celebrating life's moments, both big and fleet.

It dances to its own tune, unburdened and light,

Inspiring others to break free from their plight.

In the depths of a free heart, courage takes root,

Fearlessly facing challenges, resolute.

It trusts in its own worth, and the worth of all,

Spreading love's embrace, like a sacred call.

So let your heart be free, let it soar and explore,

Unleash the love within, let it forever pour.

For a free heart knows no bounds, it's an eternal art,

A gift to yourself, and to the world, a fresh start.

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