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Fervent Water

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

I have two-atom parts of hydrogen,

As a mother, I birthed one part of oxygen.

I am the greatest, universal solvent.

And the solvent of life by any event.

In a large body, I have potent men portent.

Proteins and substances I dissolve to be potent.

At other temperatures, solid or gas, present

I match hot or cold to evolve by assent.

I am water, the polar inorganic liquid compound.

In 70 percent of your body mass, I am bound.

I occupy 70 percent of the earth's surface.

I am the most abundant substance and ace.

I am rather tasteless. I am mainly odorless.

I am always colorless. My tint, inherent is a hint of blue, no less,

I am the most studied nevertheless.

I am in the baptismal to bless.

I am one of the most plentiful

and essential of intricates.

I locate commonly in oceans full,

I occupy rivers, glaciers, and lakes.

At four degrees Celsius, I am most dense,

but high up in the sky, I dispense.

I birth thunder and lightning when I condense.

Hailstorms and rain my power embraces.

Solid, liquid, or gas to all lives happy to face

Incompressible, I bowed to Jesus's pace.

And I love to do dances with a lizard race.

I do know the means by which the world cleans.

I am open to the ends

towards which the whole world tends.

My high surface tension allows a small insect,

other striders, to skate on my surface direct.

I run on earth like the liquid in many rivers,

streams, and oceans; to be a life-giver.

At the North and South Poles, I am solid ice.

I am gas or vapor in the atmosphere as I rise.

Under the ground, I am always on the go.

Too much of me, I can hurt you, though.

People can go weeks without food.

But a few days without me is bye-bye for good.

However, drinking too much water

can also be a dangerous matter.

Overhydration can lead to water intoxication.

Too much water can sweep away any foundation.

Kind sir, jump in if you are a swimmer.

Please, don't try me if you are a sinker.

Beware of my docile state, a good servant.

But, I am water, a master of secession and fervent.

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