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Ethos Pathos Logos

In the court of poetry, a different stage is set,

Where words yield, where emotions are met.

Ethos, it may falter, for here it's not the king,

But words hold sway, like a song to sing.

With eloquence and artistry, words shall fight,

A symphony of verses, igniting the night.

From this chapter, language that reigns,

From that verse, the power of creativity gains.

Pathos, it may dwell, but not in tears or despair, But in the depths of human experience, we share.

Emotions harnessed, woven into each line,

To touch the hearts of readers, their souls align.

And logos, it lingers, not as a strict guide,

But as a subtle presence, flowing side by side.

The logic of language, the rhythm, the rhyme, Crafting meaning, transcending the confines.

In the court of poetry, words take command, With metaphor and imagery, they etch the land.

Ethos may be subdued, but words have their might,

To move, to inspire, to paint visions so bright.

Let the court assemble, the poets and their pens,

To weave tales and verses, where inspiration begins.

In the State of beauty, where expression is grand,

Ethos, pathos, and logos dance hand in hand.

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