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Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Before you were born, you were but an egg,

Even before that existence, a silent speck.

While your dad walked around with your other form,

You waited for your chance to be embraced and born.

In the cosmos of time, patiently you lay,

A future in motion, yet so far away.

Your essence, a mystery, a hidden design,

As your dad walked on, oblivious, divine.

Within that amniotic fluid, dreams bloom,

A tapestry woven in a cosmic loom.

Unseen by the world, you grew strong and bold,

A story untold, overtaking millions of kin to unfold.

Thru seasons and cycles, you waited your turn,

To embark on a journey destined to learn.

With every step your momma took, you felt the Earth's call,

A connection unseen yet enormously all.

As your momma wondered about life's grand plan,

All she knew was you were part of the span.

For the universe's dance, a delicate chore,

The family was intertwined forevermore.

Then, the moment arrived, momma opened the cart,

From amniotic fluid, a new life with a beating heart.

Protest screamed, lungs strong, precious creation,

To ussher a bond everlasting, a profound revelation.

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