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End of A Chaos Era

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The Whitehouse moving day

was long in coming,

but it came at last.

Four years was painfully unbecoming;

with precedence of falsehood and crass.

Count, count, recount count and count again.

Many never believed in the science.

None here can rely on the math to gain.

It is all over with the incompliance.

He's got his ticket punched.

He so wants to counterpunch.

But he is going to run away.

Should you have him to stay?

Persuade him with your power.

But other minds have been empowered.

Why not leave? Why not go away?

Boohoo hatred, corruption, and greed.

There's no more room for manure.

All pretenses give way to a failure.

He knows where his ticket takes him stunned.

He will find his place in the sun.

Bogus lawsuits are not helping much.

The votes' results are the results.

44 reelection was like a Midas touch.

Tweet riddled 45 left with the insults.

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