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Dead Tree

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

My tree died at the curbside; it did die.

It was the leaves that went brown first.

Then it died; it seemed to have died of thirst.

Here in New York ply no spotted lantern-fly.

Could it be the Asian long-horned beetle to quarantine?

Who here to blame the emerald ash borer this time?

A gypsy moth in the cited family Erebidae,

It hitched out of Europe but, it wends not a tree bidet.

Ascribe no tapeworm larvae-laden sheep gid

or hemlock woolly adelgid.

No Sirex wood wasp wrecks a trace of poison asp.

The masticator is no bristle southern pine beetle.

The pithy trunk tent caterpillars debunk tended.

My tree died; I am sure not of natural causes.

Clear Santa Clauses of pauses with their schnauzer.

Give my water vase time to pour its escape clauses.

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